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Saint Floral Stories & Musings


A very warm welcome to you all! My name is Hannah and I am the creative hands, mind and passionate soul behind Saint Floral. Since setting my sights on the world of floral design, I revisited a deep and meaningful connection with flowers as I did when I was an art student; studying every petal, stem, their light and moods they conveyed. Flowers tell a story and emotion, so a desire to tell individual stories all the while creating something visually beautiful with flowers quickly grew.

My floral journey began two years ago when I attended an awe-inspiring floral musings workshop in London with the Tallulah Rose Flower School; working with abundant, seasonal flowers and foliages in a truly, mutually creative and liberal form. Leaving hungry for more and a passion to explore this art form further, I returned to the Tallulah Rose Flower School in their hometown of the beautiful city of Bath. Taking a career leap from the world of art and fashion, I enrolled as a student once more with their floral design career change course. With opportunities to delve into daily botanicals, explore creative influences and develop a personal floral style, it provided me with a solid foundation for my floral future.

Since Tallulah Rose, I set a goal; to start a floral design business with a unique identity and purpose. Finding that identity seemed a challenge at first, but realising it already existed within my painterly, liberal way with flowers, Saint Floral was born. Its sole purpose comes back to what flowers do best, tell stories and bring beauty to ceremonies and spaces.

Saint Floral has flowered some beautiful weddings and events this year, in some truly stunning locations. With that came the opportunity to work with some awesome (personal favourite!) photographers, suppliers and venues, all of whom I want to thank and look forward to collaborating with in the near future. And the same goes to all my floral friends for their continued support and inspiration.

So this is my story and I look forward to sharing more floral stories, musings and dates for events & workshops with you all on my blogspace.

With love,

Hannah. x

P.S. You may get used to my swishes of red hair taking up lens space as I work but you can see my full face (if you wish!) featured on the front page of Tallulah Rose Flower School's inspiring new website (link below).

Photo credit: Melia Melia Photography.