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Sharing & shorelines

Posted:Jul 23, 2017

To have a place and space to muse, indulge and tell stories about my love of flowers had me inspired from the word go. I love to write and share stories which are relevant to what Saint Floral is all about; the richness that flowers continue to bring to my life and others. I am putting my hands up to say I haven't been so active in this area of late. Why? I ask myself....



Posted:Dec 14, 2016

A very warm welcome to you all! My name is Hannah and I am the creative hands, mind and passionate soul behind Saint Floral. Since setting my sights on the world of floral design, I revisited a deep and meaningful connection with flowers as I did when I was an art student; studying every petal, stem, their light and moods they conveyed. Flowers tell a story and emotion, so a desire to tell individual stories all the while creating something visually beautiful with flowers quickly grew.