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Saint Floral Stories & Musings

Sharing & shorelines

To have a place and space to muse, indulge and tell stories about my love of flowers had me inspired from the word go. I love to write and share stories which are relevant to what Saint Floral is all about; the richness that flowers continue to bring to my life and others. I am putting my hands up to say I haven't been so active in this area of late. Why? I ask myself....

As a florist there are so many magical moments and connections I make with flowers. These connections can overwhelm me at times,  but it's a reminder that flowers have a power...emotion. For me it's deciding whether I share these moments with the world or just enjoy them for myself. Admittedly I have been doing the latter. Reason being? Maybe it's a self-preservation thing. I wonder how many of you reading this echo my thoughts on how much we choose to share and not share with others about our journeys that flowers take us on? Do we fear judgement, or fear facing emotion? 

My twin sister and I took ourselves to the coast for our birthday the other day. The pining for the smell of sea air and swimming in sea water got the better of me. I love that vulnerable feeling you get when you stand at the shoreline, feeling so small and exposed to the elements surrounding you, yet you feel so safe. I came to realise this is the kind of relationship I have between myself and social media at present. I post on a less-consistent basis than fellow florists, creatives and followers, for I personally choose to share moments or tell stories that mean something to me at the time. I know this isn't cooperative with the old algorithms of Instagram and other platforms alike, however, I wish to maintain an element of curiosity when I do post, write or share. Social media can feel like a world of its own. But however big it may seem or small it can sometimes make me feel, I feel a comfort from my followers that my curiosity with flowers inspire them.

I never thought flowers would welcome such an emotional tie, but I'm pleased they do. They continue to inspire and challenge my thoughts, thus keeping me curious, open-minded and give me something to write about on my blogspace. However shallow or deep I may delve into floral waters, my sharing is always caring and my stories are curated with authenticity. 

Flowers can be loud, flowers can be quiet. When people ask me to define Saint Floral, it's this kind of light and shade that I want to convey through my designs. Sometimes I embrace the bright blooms, sometimes I embrace the sultry blooms. Both can be just as beautiful. I guess this is my way of saying it's ok to be loud or quiet when you want to be.